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VirtualLab Free space propagation methods, Maxwell solvers and
Fast Physical Optics
Several free space propagation methods are included in VirtualLab Fusion: Spectrum of Plane Waves, Fresnel operator, Far field operator and Geometrical optics operator. VirtualLab includes an automatic propagation selection algorithm for calculating the most efficient propagation method in each region of the light path that minimizes error and also minimizes calculation effort. The recommended propagation method in each region can either be used or it can be manually overridden.
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propagation methods

For rigorous analysis of optical components, VirtualLab Fusion also includes multiple Maxwell solvers. To achieve Fast Physical Optics, solvers are selectively applied in each zone of the light path to optimize accuracy vs numerical effort.
For a technical paper on this topic, click on fast physical optics
Below are three examples of Maxwell solvers in VirtualLab. As a beam propagates through different zones, in the light path, calculations are done in the spatial domain or the k domain as shown.

Example 1: Including free space, SLM and grating

Maxwell solvers

Example 2: Including free space and grating
Maxwell Solvers

Example 3: Including free space and beam splitter

Maxwell Solvers
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