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VirtualLab training classes
VirtualLab training classes are typically held in the U.S. twice per year.
Training classes are also held twice per year at the LightTrans office in Jena, Germany.

Use cases, examples, tutorials, videos, webinars
There are a number of "Getting Started" use cases and videos to familiarize users with VirtualLab Fusion.
Topics for getting started include: user interface, global settings, creating the optical system light path diagram, catalogs in VirtualLab, Parameter Run for parametric optimization and tolerancing, calculators in VirtualLab, Grating Order Analyzer, and more.
In addition to "Getting Started" topics, there are many examples, tutorials, videos, and webinars on VirtualLab software for specific applications.

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VirtualLab Fusion software includes updates and general software support for the first year and for customers who choose to update their annual renewals each year.
Support beyond general operation, such as for specific application and design issues, is available as consulting. After discussing the application requirements, the support cost can be quoted.